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Information Technology

Dr.s Kopplin and Richter have been conceptualizing, developing and implementing laboratory and administrative software since 1974.  Their first efforts were the design and implementation of a total laboratory management system for the Central Animal Facilities at the University of Chicago. Later work culminated in the release of StarPath, a software program for histopathology in 1984.  Much of the work was done with their colleague, Roger Graham.  They have worked with a number of programmers and recently, David Richter joined them as a consultant on networking.  The StarPath software has been upgraded and incorporated into the StarTox software currently being marketed by DRUQUEST

Both of the principals have managed the implementation of information technology in a series of departments.  Dr. Kopplin lead a team at Bristol-Myers Squibb producing their first fully electronic system for the reporting of preclinical safety data.  Dr. Richter has served on several corporate IT advisory committees, served as acting director of an IT department of 15, served on an EPA ad hoc advisory commitee for electronic commerce and served on several industry committees exploring the standardization of Toxicology and Pathology data.

DRUQUEST provides various services related to the development, evaluation, implementation, validation and interfacing of preclinical software, whether technical or administrative.

  • Evaluation of commercial or bespoke software and preparation of Return on Investment (ROI) calculation
  • Process analysis of you laboratory and department providing assistance in identifying areas for productive implementation of information technology solutions.
  • Interfacing systems in your laboratory to produce seamless movement of data and information from various platforms to a single electroni report, meeting all current and projected regulatory requirements.
  • Design and development of besopoke software for laboratory data management and other functions.
  • Validation of your software systems or preparation of validation protocols for your use.