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December 28, 2000: Joanne R. Kopplin, DVM, PhD, MBA announces the formation of DRUQUEST International, Inc., a consulting firm providing preclinical development services to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

April 27, 2002:  Ward R. Richter, DVM, MS, DACVP has joined DRUQUEST International, Inc. as Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer.

July 16, 2002:  DRUQUEST International, Inc. signs contract with Graham Laboratories to provide support services for the Graham Laboratories StarPath Suite of Laboratory Software.

July 1, 2005:  DRUQUEST International, Inc. has aquired the rights to the StarTox Suit of Software for Toxicology and Pathology.

July 15, 2008:  DRUQUEST International Inc. has established a second office in Southern Wisconsin


Recently, the Druquest Staff have been using the ChromaCal system for color calibration of digital photomicrographs and have found it very useful in producing high quality micrographs.  Check details by clicking on the logo.

Nanoscopy with Focusd Light  The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to three scientists who were instumental in the development of super- resolved fluorescence microscopy. This super resolution microscopy allows scientists to visualize structures at the molecular level, breaking the percieved theoretical limits of light microscopy. This link takes you to a presentation by Stefan W. Hell, one of the Nobel Prize winners, describing the basic pricinciples behind variations of this high resolution microscopy.