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December 28, 2000, Leeds, AL

Dr. Joanne R. Kopplin, DVM, PhD, MBA announces the formation of DRUQUEST International, Inc., a consulting firm providing preclinical development services to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

DRUQUEST provides services in Toxicology, Pathology, Staff Training and Information Management as they relate to preclinical development of drug candidates. She is assembling a team of associated scientists in several disciplines to assist in providing full preclinical consulting support for the industry.

DRUQUEST is prepared to manage preclinical development programs for virtual or small biopharmaceutical companies. This includes assistance in the design of a registration strategy, contracting and managing CROs and filing of an IND and subsequently an NDA.

Dr. Kopplin brings 25 years of experience in drug development to DRUQUEST, including management of drug safety functions at a large pharmaceutical company, a biotechnology firm and several CROs. She is experienced in regulatory issues in the U.S., Europe and Japan, being responsible for work leading to numerous INDs, and NDAs/PLAs. During these assignments, she implemented computerization of several safety assessment departments and lead a team developing the first electronic reporting system for a large pharmaceutical firm.

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